Ephor Management Science - Our approach is based on the fundamental belief that strategy, implementation, operations, and execution go hand-in-hand.

Management Science: Solutions for Founders, Leaders, and Executives

Ephor's Perform Business Process™ is a management science and operating methodology that enhances and develops business models while creating the decision making framework that provides the organization (its people, managers and all constituents) with a system of doing business. The “System” is a set of actions, ideas, philosophies, and information that interacts and includes a management system, communication system, and corporate acquisition system. The Perform Business Process℠ thus creates wealth by providing clarity thru all the Strategic, Tactical, Operational, and Economic functions of the organization.

It is well known that today most founders suffer from:

  • "Trial and Error" Management
  • Legacy Management Thinking, Actions and Decisions
  • Disinvestment (due to resource constraints, lack of available strategic and financial optionality, and the difficult economic environment)

The Management Science from Ephor Group (Ephor's Perform Business Process™) is ideal for leaders who:

  • Seek a pragmatic and proven method to develop and grow
  • Prefer results over talk
  • Have limited time and resources
  • Want measurable near-term results that lay the foundation for constituency alignment

While every business is unique, there are common practices and attributes of successful businesses. Regardless of size, complexity, or industry; there are key disciplines and business processes fundamental to all. They include:

  • Creating a Branded "Franchise Effect" Playbook
  • Business Planning & Strategic Optionality
  • Operational TARGETING - the process of defining specific attributes and targets and the key tactics and milestones necessary to achieve the targets
  • Scaling Your Business: Maximizing the efficiency of the cost structures
  • Implementation of a Perform Culture (Engaged, Accountable, and Performance oriented workforce)
  • Clear Actions and Behaviors to Maximizing Profitability and create ongoing improvement

Effective Management Science Defined

Legacy Management Thinking

Ephor's Management Science

Hire Only 'A' Players

Create repeatable, scalable processes.

Hire Direct Sales Personnel

Leverage a portfolio of revenue sources.

Owners play the role of manager

Owners are champions, leaders and advocates.

Manage by emotion, events and "gut" feel.

Empower and incent employees through daily performance behaviors. Tie rewards to the activity and expected results (i.e. the financial performance is the "grade card.")

Build strong management teams.

Empower key employees and front-line employees.

Hire a "Fortune 500" executive Create results-oriented Boards or Advisory Councils that generate results. Create customer and partner advisory councils. Partner and leverage strategic alliances for capabilities. Outsource temporary skill gaps.
Grow Revenue through Direct Sales

Grow Revenues per Customer and growth through multiple Distribution venues.

The disciplines of Ephor's Management Science and our Perform Business Process™ are based on the lessons learned by Garry E. Meier and his colleagues over the past three decades at some of the most successful "Success Stories" including the Edward Jones Co., Outsource International...read more.

See Ephor Management Science's Results here.

Are you "Working In", or "On your business"? Working on rather than in your business is step one.
- Garry E. Meier

News & Updates

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June 2010 – Ephor' client Serenity Systems Acquires Certain Assets of Lighthouse Consultants.

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April 2010 – Ephor releases FAO (Financial and Accounting) Outsourcing Brief

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Feb 2010 – Ephor' client Serenity Systems Acquires Certain Assets of Kommar Solutions.

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