Ephor Management Science - Our approach is based on the fundamental belief that strategy, implementation, operations, and execution go hand-in-hand.

The Founder’s Dilemma

Barriers to Growth to Wealth Creation

Hope is not a strategy. Failure to have a strategy is in essence giving up on the "American Dream!"

Ask yourself these three (3) simple questions:

  1. Is your business realizing its potential and maximizing its performance?
  2. Are you working " in the business" or "on the business"?
  3. What is the current state of your business?

Poised for Success

Positioned for Potential Failure

Owners are working "On" the Business.

Owners are working "In" the business

Daily performance is monitored and known by all employees.

Hazy, or adjustable targets, budgets, and forecasts (Event-oriented vs. process-oriented).

Focus is on the processes first and continually improving the business process.

Focus is on finding the right people, motivating current staff, or solving today's problems.

The business has no surnames; personal ego's and titles are checked at the door.

All decisions go through ownership/top executives, and are dependent upon a few.


Task or Specific Employee-Centric Orientation

Front-line employees are empowered. Decisions made by owners and top executives
Owner is currently transitioning from Process Consultant to the role of a leader and advocate.

Owner is an Entrepreneur and key Rainmaker.

Founder feels that if "I fix the people I fix the business."

The definition of success is known and understood by all employees.

The definition of success is undefined; it's based on feelings, not facts.

The Founder's Dilemma (beyond the human control issues) is the struggle for consistent, repeatable execution. Thus the root cause of founder’s barriers to success builds the case for enhanced Management Science, and Ephor's Perform Business Process™.

Management Science and Performance Improves when:

Perform Business Process

Owners and financial types are always telling me that their company has a sales or capital shortage problem—and 100% of the time ineffective processes, lack of outside perspectives, and flawed operating support structures are the root cause barrier to creating wealth.
- Garry E. Meier
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April 2010 – Ephor releases FAO (Financial and Accounting) Outsourcing Brief

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Feb 2010 – Ephor' client Serenity Systems Acquires Certain Assets of Kommar Solutions.

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