The Capability Scaling Process™ was developed specifically for B2B technology and service based businesses that target small and
mid-market customers.

Capability Scaling Process™

The Capability Scaling Process™ was developed specifically for B2B technology and service based businesses that target small and mid-market customers. This methodology is a value creating system designed to enable executives to create and optimize a consistent and scalable business. It's a pragmatic, results-oriented program that includes the tools and framework to achieve your "Happy Endings."

Characteristics of businesses that the Capability Scaling Process™ was designed for include:

  • A business has grown beyond the capabilities of the founders and key employees- i.e. "high touch management" needs to be supported by systems, tools, and optimized processes, and a well defined business model.
  • Resources and capital are constrained.
  • Change is not easily accepted by the organization.
  • Technology or outsourcing of functions is needed.
  • The competitive environment is escalating and change must occur to survive.
  • People performance and operational execution create the business results.

Ephor Management Science and its professionals understand the unique set of requirements, objectives and challenges of the industry sectors we work with clients. First we listen and map the current operating reality against the desired future state. We then create constituency alignment with all those that need to be involved internally and externally, thus creating the understanding that leads to a better outcome. Working collaboratively with our clients we create lasting relationships that generate near-term and long-term consistent sustainable results.

Ephor's approach is based on the fundamental belief that strategy, implementation, operations, and execution go hand-in-hand. These methodologies enable our team to quickly generate and compare alternative solutions, therefore consistently producing measurable results across all functional areas including Finance and Accounting (F&A), Information Technology (IT), Supply Chain (SCM) Distribution and Logistics, Sales and Marketing (CRM), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Procurement, Call Center, or Human Resources (HR).

Ephor's methodology enables entrepreneurs to manage and maximize profits in every stage of the business' lifecycle. Ephor’s expertise and experience allows the organization to leverage resources and optimize execution.

Companies that illustrate the following challenges need Capability Scaling™:

  • Under performing department, function or divisional areas
  • Firms with lower revenues-per-employee than competitors
  • Slow revenue growth
  • Processes are critical to success, however most are manual
  • Outdated technology, systems, and productivity tools
  • Changing industry environment
  • Business needs workforce and operational improvement
  • Back-office costs (G&A) needs scalability
  • Evaluating external outsourcing provider(s)
  • Evaluating technology (ERP, CRM, etc.) and need sourcing advisor and vendor management

We help you optimize your business operations through the most appropriate combination of performance improvement initiatives, technology implementation, and internal service optimization. Working with your team, we measure how your enterprise is performing across a range of operating characteristics; where you need to be for optimal alignment with core business strategies; and the merits of the viable alternatives to get there.

Our approach produces near-term measurable results aligned with the long-term vision of the company. We benchmark your performance, collaboratively create the roadmap for improvement, and then lead, facilitate and manage the change.

Ephor's talented professionals are your competent guides to assist your business in evaluating the complex layers of decisions and to put your plans into action, while delivering the results that create substantial and consistent performance.

Capabilities Scaling™ Benefits

  • Achieve specific outcomes such as streamlined processes, reduced costs, improved service levels, increased stakeholder value and enhanced employee and customer satisfaction
  • An objective and holistic view focused solely on your goals across the full range of people, process, and technology challenges of your business
  • Deep financial modeling acumen, grounded in the realities of executive decision-making
  • Lasting operating results that yield sustainable advantages through cost improvements, capability enhancements and better structuring for future market endeavors
  • Results-oriented guidance from strategy and evaluation to deployment further changes and enhancements to the business model
  • Measurement and Metric systems to monitor the execution of the business process

Contact Ephor for a no-obligation assessment of your situation and read more on the Ephor blog: Solving the Value Equation.

Owners and financial types are always telling me that their company has a sales or capital shortage problem—and 100% of the time ineffective processes, lack of outside perspectives, and flawed operating support structures are the root cause barrier to creating wealth.
- Garry E. Meier
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