Ephor Management Science - Our approach is based on the fundamental belief that strategy, implementation, operations, and execution go hand-in-hand.

Approach: pragmatic solutions. impact change.

Ephor will benchmark your performance against industry leaders and/or competitors and then lead your team to measurable progress improvement.

Opportunity Area for Improvement




Scalable customer acquisition

Lower cost of customer acquisition below competitors

Increase sales per sales person

Decrease sales cycle title ("collapse the buying cycle")

Operating Excellence

Create scalable processes and implement measurement and metrics KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

Improve Margins and EBITDA

Enhance Client Retention

Workforce Effectiveness

Improve revenue or profits per full-time employee

Revenue and Profits-Per-Employee

Decreased Employee Turnover

Role Clarity


Human Capital Assets

G&A Efficiencies

Create scalable infrastructure

G&A percent of revenue


Management Science

Enable the business and its leaders to adapt to changing market conditions and improve performance

Employee-to-Manager Ration


Culture Dynamics

Technology Implementation

Automate, improve productivity, and add reporting and dashboards

Business Intelligence (BI)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, Database Analytics

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

FAO (Finance and Accounting)

Human Capital - HRIS, Talent Management, ATS, EPM, T&A, HRO

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When you wake up in the morning don't manufacture problems.
- Garry E. Meier
The Value Equation