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The "Yellow Brick Road" to Wealth Creation

First, define your end goals (beyond financial measures).


Second, develop a holistic action plan that includes Strategic Clarity, plus Tactical Clarity, plus Economically Efficient Financial Engineering.


Detailed below is an outline executive summary of Garry E. Meier's "Yellow Brick Road" to Wealth creation. Contact us at ephor [at]ephorgroup.com for a pragmatic discussion about your situation.


In these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to focus on activities that create business value. That means having laser-focus on business value drivers:

  • Revenue Growth:  Business Transformation, Globalization, M&A, New Markets, Innovation  
  • Talent Strategies:  Workforce Planning, Learning & Development, Total Rewards
  • Operational Effectiveness:  Service Delivery, Operations & Technology, Change and Culture, Analytics, Governance


The specific Near-Term Actions that can Improve Operating Performance include:

i.e. the required actions for every executive include:

  1. Examine the Strategy and Identify Precise Strategy Elements that require attention including critiquing the Business using a “Holistic Approach.”
    • For example: Create a Risk Management Plan (People, Processes Capital, Threats).

  2. Improve the business model.
    • For example: Match Revenues with Expenses and Create a Budget which includes a Hiring Plan based on a set of operational centric measurement and metrics.
    • Define what should be Outsourced: Connect the Outsourcing objectives to the business objectives.

  3. Listen to “outsider” advice and leverage outside skill augmentation to succeed.

  4. Involve Key Employees and Managers in the Process: allow them to tell you where the process and business improvements should be and what skill gaps are prevalent.

  5. Connect Compensation to the Strategy, Business Model Components, and the Business Objectives.
    • Enhance Variable Pay Components
    • ‘Total Compensation Concept’ (not only cash portion)
    • Equity based incentive programs
    • Significant rewards for ‘A Players’
    • Workplace is an ‘experience’

Mediocrity will ensure failure! Organizations that follow the "Yellow Brick Road to Wealth Creation"illustrate the following attributes:

  • A keen understanding of the current and future trends of the marketplace and have a formal “Chief Strategy Officer “(CSO) function in the company
  • A commitment to building “Marketing Assets” that enable the company to message and nurture the marketplace effectively.
  • Utilize a “Portfolio” of venues to the market : Not just direct sales or “feet on the street models”
  • The activities and the process is designed to create the “Highest Probability of Success.”
  • Outsource as much of the process as possible: less fixed costs models are most efficient.
  • Carve out dominance in industry sector(s).
  • Provide full lifecycle services for a particular buyer.
  • Provide alterative value proposition than current competitors. 

“In 2010 and beyond, wealth will be created for businesses models that are unique, are the most productive and economically efficient, promote and excel at CHANGE management, invest in their people, process excellence, and systems while focusing on being REALLY GOOD at a few things (i.e. customer satisfaction).”
-Garry E. Meier, Ephor Group Founder and Chairman.



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When you wake up in the morning don't manufacture problems.
- Garry E. Meier
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