Ephor Management Science - Our approach is based on the fundamental belief that strategy, implementation, operations, and execution go hand-in-hand.

Ephor Management Science:
Enabling Small Businesses to become Big Businesses

Every small business remains small for a reason. At Ephor, we believe that most often being small is due to a combination of lack of resources and capabilities.

Ephor provides growth advisory services, strategic management augmentation, corporate development expertise, and capital to vault small businesses into emerging enterprises.

Simply put: Ephor Enables Small Businesses to be Big Businesses.

Ephor Management Science Enables Small Businessess to be Big Businesses

Ephor Management Science transforms small businesses into larger and profitable wealth producing enterprises utilizing a combination of the following:

Management Science: We enjoy proven results oriented methodologies and programs that every small business needs to improve and become a bigger business. The processes we implement allow any founder or leader to effectively manage a more successful organization.

Management Augmentation: Our results oriented and highly experienced executives provide the skill, domain knowledge, guidance, and mentoring required to develop and enhance a leader and the business.

Capital and Financial Engineering: We invest in our client companies.

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